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Dream Team App: Sparrow by Hannikan-Skywalker Dream Team App: Sparrow :iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 22 7 Sketch: Annika Headshot by Hannikan-Skywalker Sketch: Annika Headshot :iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 13 7
YJ: Lelsie ~ Holding Broken Hands
Lev hated a lot of things, superheroes, supervillains, people that caused harm. Another thing he hated were people that start pointless arguments. The man in front of him glared as he aimed a fist toward his jaw. Lev would’ve smiled if it wouldn’t ruined his current image that he had set for himself.
    “Is that all you’re gonna do?” He asked as he ducked away from the other man, tripping him and pushing him into the pavement. Thanks to his training with the Team, hand to hand combat was a breeze.
The other man, known only to Lev as Beau or that dirtbag down the street, groaned.
    “Davis you’ve got a lot of nerve bringin’ your stupid face around here!” He yelled, standing up and wiping spit from his mouth. Beau was attractive, but a massive dirt-bag, and not too bright either.
    “Oh yeah? Care to explain why I don’t have a scratch on me?”  Lev asked, breaking h
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YJ: Training To Do {S1!Dannika-ish}
I quirked a brow at my cousin.
“Roy you do realize you need to talk to me at some point. Right?” I asked, a smirk playing at my  lips.
The two of us were dressed fully in our costumes, prepared to fight crime together. I doubt I was  Roy’s first choice of someone to patrol with. Honestly I’d be closer to the last choice, but he owed me a favour and undoubtedly telling me “no” was not on his list of things to do that day. So, much to my eternal happiness he decided to grin and bare it.
Besides he liked to see for himself I ‘didn’t get myself killed.’ Ridiculous? Yes. I personally chalked that up to ‘Over-protective family member’.
“I know.” He mumbled, still looking off into the distance.
“You look so dramatic! Yeesh! C’mon Red Error, smile for once!” I chided with a grin, poking his shoulder to make my point.
Roy grabbed my wrist harshly.
“Sparrow.” He said firmly,
:iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 8 6
YJ: Hurricane Redesign by Hannikan-Skywalker YJ: Hurricane Redesign :iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 12 0 Actor Meme - Sparrow by Hannikan-Skywalker Actor Meme - Sparrow :iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 18 3 Rawwwrchel's YJ Collab: Something about fighting.. by Hannikan-Skywalker Rawwwrchel's YJ Collab: Something about fighting.. :iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 7 2 YJ: Oblivion's Aesthetic by Hannikan-Skywalker YJ: Oblivion's Aesthetic :iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 9 3
Elsie Titus - Oblivion: Biography
Elsie “Oblivion” Titus
The Questions
Full name of Character: Elsie Titus
Alias(es): Oblivion
Nickname: Elsie, Els
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Paramedic
Powers: Bringing people back to life
Social class: Lower class - Middle class
Physical Appearance
Age: Season 2: 19
How old they appear: Slightly younger
Eye Color: Hazel
Glasses or contacts? Contacts
Hair color length and style: Medium Brown, just past the shoulders, with side bangs
Weight and height: 5’5 125 lbs
Type of body (build): Lean
Skin tone and type: Smooth, pale
Shape of face: heart shaped
Distinguishing marks: Birthmark on her arm
Predominant feature: Her eyes
Is s/he healthy? Yes
Do they look healthy? She looked decently healthy,
:iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 6 0
YJ: Sparrow's Aesthetic by Hannikan-Skywalker YJ: Sparrow's Aesthetic :iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 24 10 YJ NG: Banshee by Hannikan-Skywalker YJ NG: Banshee :iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 25 16
Annika North-Sparrow: Biography
Annika "Sparrow" North
The Questions
Full name of Character: Annika Beatrice North
Alias(es): Sparrow, Black Canary
Nickname: Anni, Anna, Blondie, Sprarrow
Race: Meta Human
Occupation:  Body Guard
Powers: Canary Cry, Invisibility
Social class: High-Middle Class (She’s one of the best and often asked for)
Physical Appearance
Age: S1-14 S2-19
How old they appear: 14 and 19
Eye Color: Gray-ish blue
Glasses or contacts? Neither, 20/20 vision
Hair color length and style:    S1: Shoulder length blonde hair with unruly bangs
                                              S2: Mid
:iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 16 10
Dream Team Secret Santa by Hannikan-Skywalker Dream Team Secret Santa :iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 14 2 YJ Christmas Collab by Hannikan-Skywalker YJ Christmas Collab :iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 16 16 MC 2015: Justice Leaguer by Hannikan-Skywalker MC 2015: Justice Leaguer :iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 36 21 I Do Believe in Faries by Hannikan-Skywalker I Do Believe in Faries :iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 28 33


Sitting Stock Pack 3 by RobynRose Sitting Stock Pack 3 :iconrobynrose:RobynRose 10,548 0 Chibi Pixel: Sparrow by Estrella-Angel Chibi Pixel: Sparrow :iconestrella-angel:Estrella-Angel 15 2 Sleep tight - Galley by little-miss-mouse Sleep tight - Galley :iconlittle-miss-mouse:little-miss-mouse 1 0 Mace Ravensdale by little-miss-mouse Mace Ravensdale :iconlittle-miss-mouse:little-miss-mouse 2 0 Intro animation: Snowflake by Estrella-Angel Intro animation: Snowflake :iconestrella-angel:Estrella-Angel 40 31 YJ: Happy Valentines Day by Rawwwrchel YJ: Happy Valentines Day :iconrawwwrchel:Rawwwrchel 50 20 Sparrow Redesign by Estrella-Angel Sparrow Redesign :iconestrella-angel:Estrella-Angel 47 20 Dream Team height comparisons by spectral-zura Dream Team height comparisons :iconspectral-zura:spectral-zura 23 41 DC: Adult!Ryder by ClassicalStars DC: Adult!Ryder :iconclassicalstars:ClassicalStars 32 32 GA: Rooter redesign by spectral-zura GA: Rooter redesign :iconspectral-zura:spectral-zura 33 11 Heart Thief by KoalaOShiz Heart Thief :iconkoalaoshiz:KoalaOShiz 22 23
Ignition. (Levi Ackerman x Sleeper!Reader)
I can't write a drabble to save my life. They always end up as full one-shots.

Warnings: Mild sexual situations and violence.
You scratched at the man's hands as he pushed you further into the wall. Tears bubbled up, rolling down your cheeks as you started wheezing. Even with the reddening lines on his skin, the man didn't release his hold. His face was set in grim determination as he slammed your head once against the wall and let you go.
You crumpled onto the floor in a heap, inhaling as much air as you could.
Your arms ached from when he had manhandled you into the bathroom, your neck was sore with the discolored imprints of hi
:iconangiehimesan:Angiehimesan 136 40
Mature content
unsettled. /1 [Levi|Reader] Modern AU :iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 73 33
Mature content
Survey Camp /16 [Levi|Reader] :iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 68 19
The Worst Witch by ClassicalStars The Worst Witch :iconclassicalstars:ClassicalStars 17 8 OC: Carter Garcia by xDarkHikarix OC: Carter Garcia :iconxdarkhikarix:xDarkHikarix 50 27




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Artist | Student | Varied
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Hannah....

Part of the DC DT: Stamp for friendses by MistressTerrible :D

My precious little nerd, Annika: STAMP: Sparrow by MistressTerrible Fight - Sparrow by Estrella-Angel :thumb557350378: (<- by QueensNebula )

These bbys Nightwing x Sparrow Pixel by Estrella-Angel Nightfall x Sparrow Pixel by Estrella-Angel (NightFall of 'The Other Night Ship' belongs to Rawwwrchel )

Icon and all the above pixels and Annika's current costume design by Estrella-Angel
All above stamps made by MistressTerrible

Boop-a-doop, a lot of this work is currently traced as I have no clue how to work my drawing tablet


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Dream Team App: Sparrow

Sorry it took me so long!! Thanks for being so patient with me!! School's ended finally, I passed everything! But my drawing tablet broke around the middle of the semester, so most of the art I'll be uploading will be traditional!


 Annika North

Nickname:  Anni, Ann


  Season One: 14    Season Two:19

Birthday:  May 27, 1996

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Late 1995 two 18 year old, new adults found out that they were going to have a baby. Terrified for her education and dreams for the future, the mother, Mara Lance, planned to take a gap year between high school and university. Her boyfriend, Isaiah, who quickly became her fiance, offered to drop out of his current position in college to take care of their child while she continued her dreams.

In 1996 Mara gave birth to a blonde baby girl, whom she named Annika Beatrice North, later in the year, the couple was married quickly to avoid any questions about the baby they had. Isaiah kept his word and dropped out of college to become a stay at home dad. Caring for his daughter as well as he could. She was loved by her parents, they adored the little child they had.

In 2004,Annika started growing up and was in her second year of grade school. The little blonde was sat happily in her classroom, raising her hand to answer a question she was answered with gasps around the room. The 8 year old looked around curiously at the mixture of glances surrounding her. She slowly followed their gaze to her outstretched hand, which disappeared at her elbow.

This was not a good thing. Annika quickly ran out of the room, and even off the school grounds. Opting to tell her Aunt first. Dinah calms the frantic girl and once her hand looks like it’s attached, she drives Annika to her house to explain to her parents.

The now ecstatic Annika rushes to her parents to tell them all about her powers, to which their reactions are surprised at best. Convinced neither of them would have provided the gene for Invisibility, added with the science of superpowers being fairly primitive, the marriage between Annika’s parents begins to crumble. And to Annika, it was her fault.

Considering the fact that an entire class saw the use of Annika’s powers and that her mother had just finished her Temporary Post-Doctoral Position in Star Labs and was looking for a new job within her field. The North Family moved to the area with the best job offer for Mara, which happened to be Gotham City at Wayne Tech.

The quickly shattering marriage becomes more evident to Annika when she gets her Canary Cry. Her parents fought more often, and her father often stomped out of the house in an angry haze. Only to return to say goodnight to the children he raised but questioned the legitimacy of. Annika began resenting her powers. The young girl decided that her life would be considerably easier if she was normal. They wouldn’t of had to move, her parents would be happy, and she wouldn’t have to keep secrets from her friends.

In 2005 the young, deflated Annika approaches her Aunt and begs her to teach her how to use the powers she’s been hating for months. Hardly being able to hiccup without worrying about bursting someone’s eardrums. Dinah warily agrees, hoping to make Annika more comfortable with herself.

Annika and Dinah train with her powers for years, and in 2008 when Dinah becomes Black Canary, the now 11 year old Annika is convinced she is ready to help out. Dinah quickly shuts down her plans, stating that her sister would kill her if she brought Annika into this. The younger if the two pouts but decides it would be best if she was fully trained before she decided to do anything in regards to crime fighting.

So the two of them amp up her training. Dinah convinces herself that Annika merely wants to learn self-defence, but Annika quickly surpasses basic self-defence and continues further into her combat training.

In 2010 Annika is convinced that she is good enough to take on as many bad guys as there are in Gotham, and dismisses anyone who disagrees. She begins to plan her home-made costume and her first mission, sneaking on to one of Batman’s and Robin’s patrols.

The patrol went well, she used her invisibility to effectively follow them for a strong 3 minutes before Batman realised he and Robin were being followed. He quickly stopped her and sent her home, but Annika was stubborn and refused his attempt at keeping her safe. Annika, now dubbing herself Sparrow; continues joining their patrols until Batman decides to drop her off at the Gotham City Police Station after she gets slashed in the shoulder by a thug whilst trying to take things into her own hands.

Black Canary was called, as Batman puzzled together who she was related to decently close to meeting her. Black Canary lectured Annika about her technique and recklessness, pointing out that her parents didn’t even know she was away from her house. Annika narrowed her eyes and shot right back.

“You trained me for years, don’t you think I can handle it?!”

Dinah frowned and let out a deep breath. “Fine, get in the car. I have some kids I want you to meet.”

About Her


Season One - Annika is very abrasive in season one.  She isn’t a fan of asking for help and is ridiculously reckless on the field. She’s very concerned about being considered weak, and will go to great lengths to prove that she isn’t. She get thoroughly annoyed with people who don’t feel similarly or people that tell her they’re concerned.

5 Year Time Gap - Annika is getting over her issues, slowly, but surely. It takes her a bit and she needs reminders to calm down and think things through. However her abrasive and rude attitude had calmed a bit leaving her with sarcastic and sassy remarks instead of constantly challenging those around her.

Season Two - Annika is nearly over her obsession to seem stronger than everyone else, and with it she gets better with her powers. She can be considered  more motherly and caring than she was before, due to the younger team members and not being grouped into the role of ‘youngest member on the team’ with Robin. (She blames it on having younger siblings) However friendly she seems, she is still very determined and will do quite a bit to get what she wants. She’s still heavily sarcastic but tends to grin while saying it, hoping everyone is aware she’s kidding.









-Being underestimated


-Being told what to do

-Uncomfortable clothes





-Collecting off brand superhero memorabilia


-Deaths of those she loves



-Being left alone






Season 1: 5’3 (160cm) Season 2: 5’6 (170cm)

Skin Tone: Fair, if a bit rosy- does get tanned in the summer

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Description: Mid-Back length, unruly straight across bangs. Bangs worn back in civvies.

Extra: A multitude of scars across her body from fighting crime.


Father: Isaiah North

Mother: Mara North-Lance

Siblings: Brielle North and Rowan North

Best Friends: Ian Landes, Vincent Ganley, DIck Grayson

Friends: Barbara Gordon, Levitt Davis, Kaldur’ahm, Wally West

Love Interest: Dick Grayson

Hero Information

Code Name: Sparrow

Place of Origin: Star City

Residence: Gotham

Affiliations: ‘Young Justice” Team, Justice League

Powers and Abilities: Invisibility, Canary Cry, Proficient in Martial Arts

Weapons: n/a

Extra Information


“If I told you that I could totally take you on, would you believe me?”

“Cover your ears!’

“Yes, but I, unlike Anakin Skywalker, have the high-ground here.”

Theme Song: Die Trying - Jule Vera

Food: Chocolate chip cookies

Drink: Cream Soda

Color: Purple

Animal: Sloths

The base I used (and edited some) is by: WickedCurlyFeather
The template for the Dream Team Application was made by: Estrella-Angel And thank you so much for Sparrow's redesign! I love it so much!! I just didn't add a couple things but I might later on :D 
I am the worst. I'm gonna try to get back on here in full swing again guys, I'm so sorry!! 
Sketch: Annika Headshot
My drawing tablet is being finicky and I was messing about with an art style. I probably won't be sticking to this art style, as the more I look at it the more... displeased I am with it..?


She looks really sad tbh. And I might delete this soon.

  idk guys I just like posting things I'm proud of, but I always hate the things I post shortly after its posted.

Lev hated a lot of things, superheroes, supervillains, people that caused harm. Another thing he hated were people that start pointless arguments. The man in front of him glared as he aimed a fist toward his jaw. Lev would’ve smiled if it wouldn’t ruined his current image that he had set for himself.

    “Is that all you’re gonna do?” He asked as he ducked away from the other man, tripping him and pushing him into the pavement. Thanks to his training with the Team, hand to hand combat was a breeze.

The other man, known only to Lev as Beau or that dirtbag down the street, groaned.

    “Davis you’ve got a lot of nerve bringin’ your stupid face around here!” He yelled, standing up and wiping spit from his mouth. Beau was attractive, but a massive dirt-bag, and not too bright either.

    “Oh yeah? Care to explain why I don’t have a scratch on me?”  Lev asked, breaking his self made ‘image’ to crack a grin to Beau.

    “‘Cause I ain’t done with you yet!” Beau yelled as he charged toward Lev with a growl. His hands were clenched at his side, and his face was contorted angrily.

    “You know,” Lev tapped his chin, sarcastically looking thoughtful. “Neither am-”

    “Levitt Davis if you say one more word.” A stern but kind voice called out. Shoving past the group of people that were watching the fight, walks a thin brunette.

Elsie stepped past the crowd, wearing a dress and heels she walked straight up to her boyfriend. Ignoring the few whistles coming from the crowd she pointed her finger at his face with an annoyed look on her face.

    “You are done this fight, you insufferable man-child.” The angry brunette said with a glare. Pulling Lev away from the group by his hand.

    “Then why don't you get with a real man?” A smug voice asked from behind the two.

Lev jumped at the words, moving to stomp back up to Beau but pausing and looking at Elsie’s hand on his wrist, then looking up slightly to her eyes and he gently removed her grasp from his arm. Mouthing a quick apology, he stomped back over to Beau.

    “What was that?” Lev asked, stomping over to the smirking man. “I seem to recall that I was winning, ‘real man’.” He started as he balled his hand into a fist and punched Beau in the face.

He yelled in pain and staggered back, “What’s wrong Davis? Did I finally find your weak point?” Beau asked, smirking slightly despite the pain.

    “No.” Lev glanced at Elsie’s still shocked face, then back up at Beau, huffing, he smiled. “I think you found my strong point.” Lev said lowly, standing up to his full posture.

    “That must be the cheesiest thing you’ve ever said, Davis.” Beau replied, cracking his knuckles, “Ready for round two?” He asked, squinting slightly from the newly forming bruise on his eye.

    “Round two’s already started.” Lev laughed, dodging a kick from the man opposite him. “Or did that punch to the face make you forget?” He taunted with a grin on his face, no longer trying to keep his ‘image’.

    “So whoever wins gets the girl?” Beau questioned casually, missing a hit to Lev’s teeth. “Because I’d be okay with that.” he said, eyeing Elsie with a smirk.

Lev froze, he knew that the idea of ‘winning an individual’ is rude and something no one deserves. However he also knew that Beau wouldn’t let Elsie live it down if he were to ‘win’ her in his eyes. While Lev was processing this comment, Beau threw him to the ground.

    “And it looks like I’m gonna win.” Beau said laughing and glancing at Elsie again.

Lev didn’t even bother with witty quips anymore. This was serious. Lev glared at the man before him and tackled him to the ground. He sat on Beau’s chest and aimed punch after punch to the once decently handsome face with a few grunts of effort and concentration.

    “Stay.” Punch. “Away.” Punch. “From.” Pu- Lev looked up at his wrist which was being held gently away from the dirtbag’s face.

“That’s enough.” Elsie’s soft voice said, keeping her hold on Lev’s wrist. Her eyes were wide and full of concern, while her mouth was set in a slight frown.

Lev looked at her face, then his wrist, then back at her face. A small smile broke out on his face as he stood up slowly and wrapped his arms around her. He mumbled incoherent words, attempting to comfort her, before she spoke up.

    “Let go of me.” She said calmly, not returning the hug, not even looking at him.

Lev pulled back slowly, confused by her reaction. He did just fight for her, didn’t he? He did it to keep her safe, away from Beau.

    “I-I don’t understand Els.I just-” He mumbled slowly, stumbling over his words trying to make sense of the situation.

    “Let’s go, Lev.” She replied, ignoring his attempts at understanding what was going on.

Lev nodded and numbly followed Elsie to the group that was watching the fight. Elsie looked up at one of the guys at the front of the crowd, and walked toward him.

    “I’ll take mine, you take yours?” She asked. Motioning to Lev behind her and Beau who was beginning to sit up.

    "Yeah, I’ll take him to a doctor.” The guy said quickly. “Thank you.” Elsie nodded and smiled at him, before taking Lev by the wrist again and walking him to her car.

The walk there was a deafening quiet for Lev, still mulling over the situation. Elsie couldn’t be mad at him, not for trying to help her… Right?

Elsie opened the passenger's seat for Lev for him to get in, before swiftly walking to the driver’s seat and getting in. Elsie’s firm posture became slouched as she let out a sigh of relief.

    “You absolute moron.” She said, shaking her head and laughing quietly.

That thew  him for a loop.

    “W-what?” Lev stuttered out, looking at Elsie with wide eyes. She turned to face him with a smirk.

    “Lev, your beating on him for ‘my honour’ would just make me have to heal him.” She said, “Meaning the thing you hate me doing the most would have happened and it would have been you that made me do it.” Else said, still laughing slightly as she smacked his arm lightly.

    “Wait so you aren’t mad at me?” Lev sputtered out, looking at Elsie like she just spoke a foreign language.

    “Mad? No.” Elsie shook her head quickly. “Upset, and slightly annoyed? Oh yeah.” She finished with a smile.

Lev hung his head slightly, taking in what she said and releasing a held breath. He didn’t mean to make Elsie almost use her powers, the powers he doesn’t want her to use.

    “Els,” He looked up at her, eyes widened and sad, mouth in a frown. “I’m sorry.” He apologized, “I’m so sorry.”  He said, pushing his head onto her shoulder and arms around her waist.

    “Ew get your blood covered hands away from me.” Elsie laughed, pushing him off of her.

Lev looked down at his hands and lo and behold she was right, it turns out his knuckles split during the fight, no doubt right before he was dragged off Beau. Lev eyed the cuts closely before wincing.

    “I guess the adrenaline rush blocked out the pain?” He asked shrugging as he started to wipe the blood on his pants.

    “Lev!” Elsie giggled quietly. “I can easily fix your hands up for you.”  she said, waving a hand at him.

Lev pouted slightly as he held his injured hand to his chest, thinking over his options. He didn’t want Elsie to feel the pain, no matter how slight it was. He shook his head.

    “How about instead of Superhero Oblivion helping me out.” He started, grinning slightly. “Paramedic Elsie helps me out instead with some good old fashioned first aid?” Lev asked, opening up her glove compartment to pull out a small first aid kit.

    “I’m not a paramedic yet, mister Firefighter.” She replied taking the kit from him and setting it on her lap.

    “And I’m not a Firefighter yet.” He laughed, holding his hands out to her as she looked around in the kit.

    “A few more years of college.” She replied, still digging around the box. Finally she pulled out two long bandages for his hands. “Now hold still Mister Davis, the antiseptic may sting a little.” She grinned up at him.

Lev smiled down at her as she worked, she gently took his bloodied hands into her medically inclined ones and pulled out the bottle of antiseptic to spray on his hands. Lev cringed slightly as the cuts stung, but returned to smiling as Elsie carefully wrapped a bandage around his hand, only to repeat the process with his other hand.

    “Am I free to go Doctor Titus?” Lev asked, flexing his hands slightly, checking out how  much give the bandages gave him.

    “Not quite,” Elsie replied, tucking the rest of the supplies back in the first aid kit and putting it down beside her. “Two more things.”

    “Like what?” Lev asked, he stopped poking at the bandages for a moment to glance at her curiously.

    “Well I need my fee, which is a kiss on the cheek from my favourite patient and one more thing.” Elsie said, grinning as she pointed to her cheek.

Lev chuckled and put his arm over her shoulder, pulling her into him to kiss her on the cheek.

    “What else?” He asked curiously, looking around the car as if something would pop out and surprise him.

    “Well in order to ensure you don’t allow any more damage to get to your hands, I’ll have to make preventive measures.” Elsie said, her grin still plastered on her face.

    “And those would be?” Lev asked playfully, laughing once in slight confusion.

Elsie didn’t respond as she took one of his hands and enclosed it in her smaller one. Lev looked at her questionably, glancing from their entwined hands to her face with a puzzled expression.

    “This way you can’t get into anymore fights.” Elsie responded quietly. A content smile on her face.

    “With you here,” Lev said, looking at his hand in hers. “I won’t have to.”

YJ: Lelsie ~ Holding Broken Hands
So this is done. I haven't done much in regards to art lately... I've been really busy so it took me forever to finish this. I've had this prompt in my head since May. Also this is Something I used to practice writing fight scenes so that may explain why it's not my best.

I don't know guys Lev and Elsie needed something fluffy.

But don't worry the angst will return. :D

Leave feedback if you'd like, I'd really appreciate knowing if you liked it!

Prompt is from here:…

But like giggly Elsie is absolutely adorable. <sub wytiwyg="1">
Tagged by: MistressTerrible 
0) Open
1) Switch to "All regions" and "All types"
2) Switch to "1"
3) For each question, generate a Pokémon, and use it as the answer. Then comment about it  
4) PLEASE TAG SOMEONE! This is the only way the meme can get around 
5) Post these rules

1. This is you


2. This pokemon is your rival
Uh oh... It would fight me and win.

3. This pokemon is deeply in love with you
Awww okay buddy!

4. This pokemon is stalking you
Uh huh... I mean I don't mind if a bunny is following me around..

5. This pokemon just stole your cake
Hmm.... yeah you can keep it. Enjoy!

6. This is your Lab partner

7. This is your best friend

8. This pokemon is about to fight you
I don't really know what you do... but sure

9. This pokemon will do anything to get your shoes

10. This pokemon is currently hiding in your house
Uh okay... do you want some food? Something to drink maybe?

11. This pokemon is your pet
Excellent maybe he can help me with my homework

12. This is your new roommate 
Uh... alright... just please don't be too loud

13. This is your new boss

14. This pokemon watches you while you sleep at night
AWW its so cute!! But like...why?

15. This pokemon is scared of you
Je ne comprends pas!!

16. This pokemon is about to perform surgery on you
Uuuuuuuhhhhh no surgery but we can be buddies

17. You have to babysit this pokemon all night
As longs as its friendly!

18. This pokemon loves sleeping on your head
is it comfortable?

19. This pokemon envies you
Oh? Why?

20. Use this pokemon to tag some people
I tag anyone that wants to do it!! Feel free!!!


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